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Colorful Parentheses!

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Published on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

I tried to learn continuations yesterday. This led me to a tutorial for composable continuations in schemewiki.org. It explains things nicely, but what really intrigues me is something completely different: the colorful syntax highlight for nested parentheses when hovering cursor over them.

This post, of course, explains how I managed to get it on my website!

My New Website

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Published on Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Ahem. This is my 7th attempt to write a blog... Hopefully it’s not gonna fail like last time!

In the previous attempts, I hosted my blog with blog sites such as Wordpress or Blogspot. For this time, as you can see, I host it in my own website (powered by Github Pages), so it will (hopefully) be different!

And, you see, the blog content is not that important. The most crucial thing is to get the technology right. What I’m using right now is called Pollen markup, which is pretty much a domain-specific language based on Racket’s @-syntax. Pollen sets up a server which recompiles files automatically whenever it detects file changes. The markup itself is very cool in a sense that you just write whatever you want to write with arbitrary made-up semantics tags, which is very pleasant to write using the said syntax. Then, you can go back and define and format what those tags are supposed to be. The programming part is equally pleasant because it has X-Expression which is a cool version of XML. Pollen supports outputting multiple targets: LaTeX, html, plain text, or whatever you want to output. Basically, you program the document, so you have an unlimited power to do whatever you want.